535d remap f10

F10 d Remap Review Hello Everyone, Here is my review on the remap I have recently had installed and how it performs in comparison to a tuning box on my ps Bmw d. How did the tuning box perform in the time I had it?

It gave me an engine management light in the high setting so I reduced the setting, anyway after a year gone by trying all the different settings the box after a period of time would give an engine management light whatever setting it were in, low or high. Since the box has been removed I have not had any engine lights, My car did not like the box fitted to it. I decided then I would go for a custom remap on the rolling road. How did it perform on the Dyno before and after the remap?

The cars results on the Dyno: Standard: Who did I use for the Remap and why? Many people go for the big name tuners however I took it somewhere different. Rick has a brilliant reputation and he specialises in Bmws. I have never heard a bad word about him so I trusted him with my car.

He is a very friendly, knowledgeable fellar and knows exactly what he is doing. Firstly he checked the car over, made sure it were safe and suitable for a remap, by scanning the car for fault code etc… The car was run on the rolling road and he did all his magic. After the new map was uploaded to the car he was constantly adjusting it to make sure it was perfect and suited to the car.

All in all the car took 4 hours for a full custom rolling road remap. The ECU were removed for it to be remapped. Has the remap made a big difference to standard?

Very Big. I have covered just miles with the remap on different types of roads. In normal day to day driving you notice a good difference. You can feel the extra power and you are at a much higher speed than you expected to be at.

It leaves a big smile on your face. It gives a much bigger difference than the tuning box did. I feel that the car now has a smoother power delivery. In this setting i will get no wheelspin at all. I have not yet tested the difference in fuel economy however i will post when i have. The gearbox has a limit of nm. Obviously the more power you put through it, the more strain it will have.

If you put nm through it, it isnt going to break.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 F10 d v d. Prev of 3 2 3 Next. BMRuss Original Poster 1, posts months. Just about to order a new car and am unsure if the d is worth the extra cost over the d. Doesn't anyone have an F10 d M Sport that they can give their opinion on? Didn't want to order a d to be left disappointed with the performance. Especially coming from a d, I think you will miss the linear and low down push of the 35d engine, as the twin turbo setup makes for a very linear power curve.

One thing to note - they aren't twin turbo anymore from the introduction of the N55 Diesel engine Only the 40d engines are twin turbo and the older 35d engines. Ninja59 2, posts 64 months. Engine wise character very similar, but you do notice it beginning to tail off with the D much sooner and the blower in that you do notice working much harder to keep it moving at pace. MPG wise there is not much difference, if cost to purchase is in it then go D, but and a big but the biggest issue for me with the D is the D Edited by Ninja59 on Wednesday 31st August Welshbeef 39, posts months.

The d and d are both decent cars. In some ways, if I was to move from my current d to a 5 Series, I might consider a d. They aren't really designed to be thrown about so perhaps the 30d engine is sufficient, despite being a bigger car.

I guess it all comes down to test driving. I drove a new d recently with the newer 30d engine and it felt like it had enough power for a luxury barge.Does anyone know what is the best remap for my d.

BMW 535d 230 kW ECU REMAP

How much it will be and what sort of power increase I should expect. Thanks in advance. Is it a pre-facelift or a post-facelift? AFAIK, the gearbox used in the pre-facelift version has a limit of Nm and the standard torque output for the pre-facelift is already at Nm. Post facelift standard output is Nm but the gearbox can handle much more, perhaps into the 's. Hence the responsible remap options for the pre-facelift are different from those of the post-facelift.

Post facelift expected output is about BHP with a truly astounding torque level of about Nm. A proper tuner for a pre-facelift will raise the BHP a bit but also keep the torque down. That said, I would never buy a used one that I knew had been remapped, not without a serious discount to hedge against future mechanical failure.

What the maximum power output I can expect for this model and will it destroy my mpg? DMS also have their own d, so probably the best recomendation you can get really I was very happy with their work. Why the hell are the dms remaps so expensive? I have no personal experience of either DMS or Evolve, just that I am quite suspicious of the short-termism of these "upgrades" in the d.

Having said that, if I were to do the whole thing again, and my heart set on a remap, I would buy a d manual. Better car than the d IMO, because it doesn't have the millstone of that nasty auto box. Audi have managed to fit a manual box to their 3. I seriously think that the d could have been a truly great car had they not hobbled it with an auto.

A six speed manual box would have been lovely, especially considering the way the sequential turbos effectively remove lag. DSG is fast, smooth and great, but for me i prefer manual on a sporty drive. Only I have had a couple of remaps from Evolve and cant fault them. My latest map is from John DNA tuning and it is just mental. DMS did mine for me on my E60 07 d. No problems at all. Increase in power is very noticable. The thing just takes off even before you kick it down. Better mpg too.

They had previously re-mapped my Merc E cdi and that thing went like stink. Not as fast as the d though. I had an 05 d sport touring that i had the DMS chip in from miles and I chopped it with 97, miles on the clock for an d Sport touring.

BMW 535d 400hp 100-300km/h

The point about the gearbox is totally valid- mine was slipping like crazy by the time I part exed it. I simply cannot see any justification in the higher price, after all remapping a diesel is add fuel in line with increases in boost as they are compression ignition and there is no ignition timing.

With Dynolicious on my Iphone I can consistently get mph times under 5 seconds and mph in less than 11secs. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!Today we put a deposit on a lovely F10 d.

535d remap f10

My question is, by having a remap will it genuinely increase the mpg? I'm not interested in better performance tbh as I have a lovely weekend toy for power so I'd only consider it if increase in mpg is possible? Lastly, assuming it is, what's the best remaps available in the UK for these cars? A remap will use more fuel.

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It will also potentially invalidate your insurance policy. It will make the car numb to drive and you will be late for everything you drive too.

535d remap f10

There are many factors that contribute to MPG, be that driving style, fuel quality, condition of the car etc. However a remap CAN decrease your fuel consumption. We've had some customers return and say they're getting another 7 or 8MPG out of the car, and we've had some customers that have seen 1 or 2. There are so many variables it's a difficult thing to say for definite, other than it is possible.

Is your D the or BHP model? Brilliant thanks! Mines a 64 plate so the bhp one I believe? Do you do the maps yourself or can you advise of best company to go to for this please?

BMW 535d F10/F11 299hp

It is possible to map just for economy, but it's not as simple as effectively putting less fuel in. The economy increase mostly comes from optimising the maps to produce more torque at lower revs so the engine isn't working as hard to produce the same twisting force if you get what I mean. It's quite a difficult one to explain, but it does work! He is running the stage 2 map producing around BHP and around Nm of torque.

I don't know if he's finished racing everyone around Morecambe yet to find out what the economy is like, but maybe he can chime in? In the last years I've been doing this, I've never once done an outright economy map. I'll take the extra power of course, but better mpg is more important to me, I'll leave the power to my bhp GTR!

535d remap f10

Where are you based? Perhaps you could pm me typical costs and location etc as I am interested? I'll shoot you a PM. FWIW, I once got over miles from a tank in my d.

535d remap f10

I drove it like a nun on qualudes. They weren't the most thrilling journeys I've taken.Hi all new to the Forum. It was a Bmw UK demonstrator. I spent 7 hours detailing the paintwork 2 weeks after i got it.

It shines beautiful and is fully protected.

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Has anybody on here had any experience with one of these or any experience with a remap on a F10 D? Will it damage the Engine or the Turbos or the Transmission? How many NM can the gearbox handle without any severe strain? It looks brilliant. Thanks in advance.

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Dealer will know as soon as it is plugged into their systems these latest ecu's flag it up and thats your warranty gone!!!! Yeah that's true, Audi could tell my Audi was remapped when plugged into there diagnostic machine. Thanks for your reply.

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Is it not fast enough!? I was going to say the same thing. I think there are different versions of the ZF 8-speed 'box with different torque handling characteristics, so the one on a d isn't structurally the same as say the one in a Continental GT.

I'm not sure what the limits are for the BMW ones but I'd think a d won't be far off it as it is. Having capacity to spare doesn't tend to come into budget discussions! Newer ecu's are clever, very clever, manufacturers are onto the tuners in a big way. Its not worth it. ECU has to be removed and opened up to tune it anyways.Tuning a car is a delicate thing.

Read more. Select your tuning stage View tuning parts. We developed the iTronic engine controller specifically to be untraceable in the software of the car, just remove the iTronic before you visit your BMW dealer and your good to go. Easy installation and leave-no-trace removal. Professional tuning requires a steady hand and we want to be solely responsible for getting the most out of your car. Because most modern engines are heavily restricted due to emission regulations, an ECU remap or installation of an engine control unit is always the first step towards unlocking the performance your BMW or Mini is capable of.

However, as our name implies, we do have upgraded turbos, should you be in the market for one. In addition, Mosselman Turbo Systems offers more efficient intake and exhaust systems, oil thermostats, oil coolers, and intercoolers.

With Mosselmans' performance package I exceeded even more than the company advertised on their website! The information sharing process was easy and hassle-free. Excellent customer service from Leon and his team! Mosselman tuned my BMW d today. What a result, it became a completely different car! Very professional company and friendly staff. This was my second car here and again they have exceeded my expectations.

Very happy with my improved car, the car reacts better on the throttle and is very direct. Also, the exhaust sounds better! Visited Mosselman on May 24th for the chip tuning of my i, great result! The adjustment is great, when will you post the photo on FB :?

BMW 535d Owner’s Guide

After 1,5 years still very happy with my iTronic. By far the best upgrade I could have done with my BMW i. Please take a look at our FAQ for the most commonly-asked questions, or feel free to contact us.

Looking for more performance but do you still have warranty on your car?Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 F10 d Owners. Prev of 2 2 Next. Anyone have one? We're looking at one, have driven a d at local dealership and wondering how you rated the 35d? Is it much quicker than a 30d? RJE posts months. Just bought a d touring I had an F10 d sport as a courtesy car whilst my F01 d 3litre twin turbo engine was having some issues.

The d was nice, but lacked the immediacy and responsiveness of my d After three weeks in the d I really did feel it was lacking in the responsiveness stakes, and the d was a very welcome return Oh, also had a d sport F10 for a bit Ive remapped a few 3 litre BM diesels and they are easily on a par with the stock 35d's.

Scottman 1, posts months. Quick, refined, over bhp when remapped and still does around 40mpg on a long run! Amizade posts months. The F11 d is very nice and adequate for almost all everyday driving, but I used to have an e60 d and the 30d can't match the mid range acceleration - sadly it lacks any millennium falcon moments - tempted to get the ecu tinkered with, but less so if there ever was any warranty issue to consider.

I have a d GT. Lovely car. More or less the same engine as the 40d. I should have never moved away from the d engine it is fantastic.

MPG is not even close to what it should do even with the wife driving. She can get around 39mpg when it should be doing 48mpg never going to happen.

Average since I bought it is around 1k miles 32mpg which I am more than happy with but if you rely on stated figures for a commute to work knock atleast 8mpg off. For me I think engine wise there is no point buying a d or d. But then again you pay a premium for the d and if the extra power is not what you are after the or are good value.

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